The roasting process of INFUSCO Coffee Roasters“Infusco” means “to make black; darken.” In the roasting process, coffee beans turn from green to brown. At Infusco Coffee Roasters, we roast our beans slowly. As a self-proclaimed tinkerer, Rich admits that he once figured out how to roast coffee beans much faster – and one sip told him that the time-honored process of slow roasting provided a much richer tasting coffee.

In relationship coffee, you don’t roast beans with one eye on the bottom line. Instead, you look your customers in the eye – and roast your beans slowly because you care.

Infusco Coffee is made with pride. We don’t want massive orders that will sit on the shelf for weeks or months, growing stale and bitter. We want you to order just what you will need. After roasting, our coffee sits from 24 to 48 hours to release carbon dioxide. We deliver our coffee to our vendors at the 48 hour mark, at the peak of its flavor. Buy our coffee at its best – we’re sure you will be back frequently because you will love the complex flavors of coffee at its freshest.

Infusco Coffee is pure, single-origin coffee. It is grown within a single known geographical region, 100% pure to ensure flavor true to its fullest expression. On other brands, you will often see “Pure Columbian Coffee” or other slogans that seem to imply purity, but beware. Most of these commercial brands contain as much as 90% lower-grade filler. Infusco Coffee contains no filler – just the purest coffee beans we can find.

Our coffees represent relationships. We know our growers. We conduct our business transactions as much as possible on a one-to-one basis so that we can ensure both parties benefit from a mutually advantageous relationship. Our coffees come from some of the most remote areas in the world, where the climate and soil blesses the coffee plant to produce a superior coffee bean. Infusco Coffee Roasters brings those coffees to you, slowly roasting the beans to maintain the quality that nature has already infused. We serve it up in our coffee shop, we sell it in our store, we make it available through a many vendors conveniently located in the southwest Michigan region, and it is just a few clicks away in our online store. Treat yourself to one of life’s simple pleasures—try an Infusco Coffee today.

What is cupping?

With so many choices, how do you know which coffee to select?  Our cupping notes will help you choose the coffee with flavors most appealing to you.  Cupping is a process by which we assess the quality of our coffee.  Much as you would savor a fine wine to detect all its nuances, we “cup” our coffee to evaluate the flavor attributes of each coffee.  Those qualities include fragrance, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, sweetness, uniformity, and cleanliness.  In our evaluation, we follow the cupping protocols of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Cupping is a professional practice that can be done by anyone informally, or by trained “Master Tasters.”  In short, the cupping process begins by sniffing both the dry and wet beans at specific times.  When immersed in water, the coffee “blooms” releasing its carbon dioxide.  Dip a spoon through the crust, immerse it in the coffee, then slurp the coffee (yes, this is polite) so it hits the front, back, top and bottom of your palate. Aah!  Flavors that may have otherwise been missed assault your senses.  Those are the flavor attributes we describe for you as you shop for  each of our coffees.

From Farm To Table

INFUSCO is proud to serve its clients in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana. Even further, we're proud to fairly give back to the global proprietors who cultivate our amazing coffee beans. Our video below will explain the inspiration behind our "Farm To Table" philosophy.

Kenyan Direct Trade coffee from INFUSCO Coffee Roasters